You: “I dont like the term feminist. I consider myself a humanist.” * wears backwards hat, hasnt showered, and probably likes Bukowski*

Me: “Im a feminist.” *is beautiful and has lots of fans*

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also can we stop pretending skinny shaming is on the same level as fat shaming? im against shaming people’s bodies no matter what and i think doing so is disgusting but thin bodies are still far more accepted and catered to and it’s important to acknowledge that

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Also I don’t see enough white feminists giving credit to Nicki Minaj beyond the interview of her doing her eyeliner.  Did you guys forget that she recognized and IDed as cisgender, and recognized that vagina does not equal womanhood, when she called herself a “woman with vagina.”  And that asshole talk show host laughed and said “as opposed to a women without one?” and she gave him a the meanest look and said “yes.” 

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